Our History

How and why we got here……

“in the raw” was created with a vision to hand make luxurious bath and body products with ingredients found only in nature. I am a product junky and I was surprised by all the fillers and unnatural ingredients that were in most of the products I was using on a daily basis.

I experimented in my kitchen and came up with a line that not only работа в москве makes your mind and body feel good, also know that what you are using is kind on the environment.
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Our products are a mix of all natural and organic ingredients hand crafted to caralean recensioni create the best experience for you and your skin. Our goal each day is to bring environmentally conscientious choices to your fingertips. All our fragrances come from the finest essential oils grown locally, med advice our packaging materials are recyclable, made from recycled goods and with your help will never reach a landfill.

Handmade from ingredients of the highest quality, we offer a natural alternative for your body and home.

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